Conditions 2021


The organizers of the contest are “Beer. Technologies and Innovations », an international specialized magazine for brewers, and the Ukrainian Association of Beer Sommelier Kyiv Beer League.

Both Ukrainian and foreign breweries and breweries of any size are invited to participate in the contest: from large national beer producers to small and medium-sized breweries, breweries, mini breweries and contract brewers.

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to fill in the preliminary application before march 24, 2021, after confirmation by the organizers, to file and send to the e-mail files or a scan-copy of applications for samples of competitive beer, to pay a registration fee of 25 euro for each sample of beer and provide not less than 6 liters of each claimed sample in plastic or glass containers or tin cans not later than 24 hours prior to the start of the tasting contest (until 10:00 am on March 30, 2021) Number of samples from One manufacturer (brand) is not limited.

Delivery of samples is carried out at the expense of the contestants at the following address: Ukraine, Rivne oblast, Rivne district, Kolodenka village, Zelena str., 53, hotel restaurant Aivengo. (the route Kiev – Chop, 328 km). Organizers are not responsible for packaging and delivery of beer samples to the contest.

According to the results of the Tasting competition, the best samples in each category (gold, silver and bronze medals) and the best beer from the list of submitted for the competition (Grand Prix of the competition) will be determined. A special prize and a diploma “The Brewery of the Year-2021” will also receive a brewery (brand) for the largest number of awards in categories.


Jury is composed of professionals and enthusiasts of the beer industry. These are representatives of the participating companies, as well as independent beer judges. The minimum number of beer judges is 50 people.

Each contestant can apply to a judge panel for one of his beer judges (a tasters). An application for the registration of an independent beer judge may be filed by theapplicant through the site by March 29, 2021. The decision to enroll in beer judges is taken by the organizers on the basis of the data provided (tasting and brewing experience, certificates and certificates issued by the Kiev Beer Academy, London Beer Academy, Prague Beer Academy, etc.). Organizers reserve the right to request brewing experts from abroad at the Judges’ Panel.

Tasting, evaluation and rewarding process:

Objectivity of evaluation is provided within the framework of one category by the method of blind tasting by visual and organoleptic methods in several rounds according to the following parameters:

  • Color ;
  • Aroma (aroma);
  • Flavor;
  • Mouthfeel;
  • Overall impression

As a result of the first round, a maximum of 50% of the beer samples selected in the competition are selected, with the best estimates. They are in the 2nd round. By the results of the second round, a maximum of 50% of the best-rated samples in this round that qualify for the final round are selected. Following the results of the final round, three samples with the best grades are selected. A sample that has received the highest overall score by the results of the final round is awarded with a gold medal in the appropriate category. The following two samples, respectively, are awarded with silver and bronze medals in the appropriate category. In the event that the sum of the points of any of the three samples with the highest marks coincides, a corrective tour among these samples is made, the results of which determine the winners.

In case if the number of samples submitted for a competition in one category is less than seven, the organizers reserve the right to combine the nearest categories, similar in style.

In the first round, all the samples submitted for the competition take part. If the number of samples in the first round exceeds the number of tasters and the ability to pour, the round is divided into several rounds.

After defining the winners in all categories, the Grand Prix of the festival is awarded. This award received by Brewery (brand) to gain the highest overall number of awards (gold, silver and bronze medals) in the categories.

Independent audit of the competition:

The Independent Auditor of the East European Beer Award 2021 Tasting Contest is Patent Law Firm Pavlovych and Company , which acts as the guarantor of qualitative and independent processing of the results of the contest and transparency of its conduct in accordance with this provision.