Tasting contest first independent East European Beer Award, held at the Forum brewers and restaurateurs, was founded in 2017.


To contribute to the improvement of the quality of beer, the development of the beer industry in Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe, to improve the culture of beer consumption.

MAIN PRINCIPLES: independence, objectivity and openness.

The openness and objectivity of the tasting contest is provided by a number of factors: 
• The founders are not beer producers 
• tasting of samples takes place according to the principles of international beer competitions of the leading countries of the world, only blindly; 
• Democratic selection of beer judges; 
• a large number of judges for objective assessment; 
• formation of different teams of judges at different stages of tasting; 
• detailed evaluation results are open to all contest participants; 
• Independent audit of the competition is carried out by a law firm


Independent publishing- information project “Technologies and Innovations”

The publishing project is not related to the brewing business: they do not have breweries, they are not brewers. This is precisely what guarantees the objectivity and impartiality of the competition.

Thematic information platforms of the publishing house: international specialized magazines “Beer. Technologies and Innovations», «Drinks. Technologies and Innovations », the portal www.techdrinks.info, the theme page« Beer. Technologies and Innovations “on Facebook, the monthly electronic newspaper and the beertechdrinks.com website promote the ideas of the Tasting competition, promote Quality, Professionalism, Responsible Consumer.

Ukrainian association of beer sommelier Kyiv Beer League

A public organization created by professionals and enthusiasts of the industry in 2013. The mission of the organization is to develop and enhance beer culture in Ukraine. One of the directions of the association’s activities is Kyiv Beer Academy educational programs.

The specialists from Kyiv Beer League trained at the London Beer Academy, worked as beer judges at European beer competitions.